Wiena grupa d.o.o. is today the leading industrial filtration company in Croatia and beyond.
We pay special attention to the environmental protection. Our know-how and experience provide answers to increasingly demanding tasks of preserving air at present time.

Committed to the healthy environment as much as possible, we offer top solutions harmonized with nature to our clients, thus making our clients not only more responsible members of the global society but also more profitable companies, to the benefit of all of us.
Our expert teams having top qualifications go along with our clients' requirements and provide full and professional services. All our and our clients' activities and processes that are placed in our care are being continuously improved and supervised with a lot of systematic engagement.
The major users of our products and services are: cement plants, quarries, tobacco industry, chemical industry, timber and wood industry, asphalt mixing plants, sugar refineries, construction material industry...Our approach to this demanding task provides our clients with reliable services and supply of top products.

World-famous company CEMEX has already recognized Wiena grupa as a promising and qualified young company, which was shown in 2012 by awarding Wiena group for 1st place in the CEMEX Suppliers’ Innovation Program for the project "Outsourcing of de-dusting system maintenance".